• The White Tiger

    Is this just another passive servant movie, like Gone With the Wind, The Help or Roma? Or ... [ Read More ]

    The White Tiger
  • Locked Down

    It may be 2021’s first viable COVID-themed movie. Hopefully it’s not the best audiences can ... [ Read More ]

    Locked Down
  • Herself

    She’s building from the ground up. Her self-esteem, confidence and a home.  Physical, ... [ Read More ]

  • Sylvie’s Love

    It’s love at first sight. That’s true for the couple in this romantic period film and for audiences ... [ Read More ]

    Sylvie’s Love
  • Soul

    Passing the love of jazz on to a younger generation, cloaked in the sweetness of an animated movie, ... [ Read More ]

  • Best Films 2020

    2020 kept us on our toes. Adapting became a way of life—especially for films and their fans. Part of ... [ Read More ]

    Best Films 2020
  • The Closet

    A child becomes a demon. It’s a cliché in the horror film genre. So how does a smart filmmaker avoid ... [ Read More ]

    The Closet
  • Farewell Amor

    Absence doesn’t’ always make the heart grow fonder. Sometimes the heart forgets. That’s the case in ... [ Read More ]

    Farewell Amor
  • Billie

    She had an enigmatic presence. A unique, restrained voice with distinctive phrasing. Wrote and sang ... [ Read More ]

  • Tripping with Nils Frahm

    In the age of COVID, live performances are taking a real hit. If you’ve been longing for a night out ... [ Read More ]

    Tripping with Nils Frahm
  • Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

    Who’s the Mother of the Blues? Better say Ma Rainey! 1927. It’s a steamy Chicago summer, just ... [ Read More ]

    Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom
  • Sound of Metal

    It’s a struggle. Losing one of your senses can be devastating. But that’s the reality a punk-metal ... [ Read More ]

    Sound of Metal

Ten Best Films of 2010

By Dwight Brown Film Critic NNPA In 2010, high-quality movies abounded, though there was a noticeable dearth of black themed-movies — except for Tyler Perry films. Still, great African-American actors found high caliber product in which they could display their talent. The top 10 movies listed are the tip of the iceberg. Check them out […]

Barbados: The Good-Time Caribbean Island

Barbados is the good-time Island. This easternmost Caribbean isle is south of the hurricane belt (good weather), has average 84-88 degree temperatures (warm sun), and is inhabited by friendly people (fraternizing with locals is a joy). Tony resorts (from boutique to big) are plentiful, cultural sites abound (steeped in history), a variety of sports are […]

Puerto Rico: A Sea, Sand and City Vacation

Puerto Rico boasts 272 miles of coastline, diverse beaches (calm waters to pounding surfs), a world-renown rain forest, tasty cuisine (if you don’t gain ten pounds in P.R., you haven’t lived!), friendly people and a swinging nightlife. Travelers can choose between an idyllic resort getaway, and a … >> Read More

The Island of Curaçao Jazzes It Up — New Festival. New Vibe. New Resort.

Curaçao, part of the Caribbean’s Netherland Antilles Islands, is just 35 miles north of Venezuela and well south of the hurricane belt. It’s a vibrant, arid isle, largely populated (150,000) by African and Dutch descendants and also home to people of 40 different nationalities. Add to the mix music lovers who trekked to Curaçao for […]

The U.S. Virgin Islands — 3 Unique Isles, 3 Unique Experiences

Arawak, Taino, Carib and Ciboney tribes inhabited the three main U.S. Virgin Islands–St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix. Then in 1493, Christopher Columbus explored the isles and named them for Saint Ursula and her virgins. Spain, the U.K, Netherlands, France and Denmark ruled the archipelago for 400 years until the U.S. purchased it for […]

Montreal Jazz Festival 2010 — Bigger is Better

For three decades the Guinness World Records has ranked the 11-day Montreal Jazz Festival as the largest in the world. But does size matter? Yes, if you have an impressive roster, conveniently located venues, international music lovers on a good vibe and a vibrant host city. Musicians Galore Ray Charles opened the first Montreal Jazz […]

This is it

By Dwight Brown NNPA Film Critic By the time he died, the media and his antics had obscured the most obvious. Michael Jackson was the greatest singer/entertainer/performing artist of his generation. Many could argue that point. But as you watch this work-in-progress documentary, with footage that was never necessarily meant to become a theatrical feature-length […]

Cannes’ African Heritage History

By Dwight Brown As the prestigious, international Cannes Film Festival approaches, May 17th – 28th, the question arises: Who will follow in the footsteps of actor Samuels L. Jackson of Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith and S. Pierre Yameogo, the legendary Burkina Faso director of Delwende? Which black actors, directors and […]

Fever Pitch

Fever Pitch **1/2 Twentieth Century Fox By Dwight Brown NNPA Film Critic Shortly after Eve tempted Adam in the Garden of Eden, they argued about his fanatical love of sports and his neglect of her emotional needs. It’s an old war story in the battle of the sexes. Old but alive today. Gamely, screenwriters Lowell […]