Cheaper by the Dozen

(**1/2) It’s kinda like a movie. Kinda like a sitcom. Not really either. But its sweet emotions and modern sensibilities eventually make it endearing.  It looks like the goal of the relaunch of Cheaper by the Dozen, a classic 1950 and 2003 white bread Disney family comedy, was to make it more topical and multi-grain. Certainly, […]

Music Fans Flock to the 2022 Jazz in the Gardens Music Festival

By Dwight Brown NNPA Entertainment Writer It’s back in Miami. After a COVID hiatus, the lights shined bright at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. Singers and musicians rocked the stage and fans danced like it was a block party at the 2022 Jazz in the Gardens Music Festival. Though the event takes place at […]

The Adam Project

(**) He didn’t come back from the dead. He came from another time and place. 2050. Back to see his younger self in what’s called a “parallel contact.”  That’s the foundation for this generic act/adv/com/sci-fi/fan. It starts with a good idea, then works the very primal emotions of a family in distress and an adult […]

Great Freedom

(***) Sometimes a modicum of dialogue works best. That’s seems to be a basic strategy for Austrian writer/director Sebastian Meise and co-writer Thomas Reider. Show first. Tell second.  The two filmmakers created this perceptive ode to the downtrodden with special care. They set up the premise: persecution of gays post WWII. Picked a worthy protagonist: […]

The Batman

(***1/2) Crime is rampant in Gotham City. Murders. Manslaughter. Blood soaks the streets. Citizens live in terror and the police are stumped. On desperate nights a Batman signal lights up the sky and the caped man jumps into action, but even he can’t stem the tide: “It’s a big city. I can’t be everywhere.”  The […]

Marry Me

Nothing is drastically wrong with this rom/com. Nothing is drastically right. That’s the problem. This Valentine’s Day offering feels like a present that’s been regifted and passed along.  Jennifer Lopez took big chances in her last movie Hustlers. She played a streetwise stripper and that paid off, winning her accolades for that unlikely role and very gritty […]

Great Films Abound at 2022 Sundance Film Festival

Feature films and documentaries entertained and enlightened audiences at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. The non-fiction films were as compelling as the crime thrillers, family dramas and adolescent romances. Nearly all left a lasting impression.  Cha Cha Real Smooth (***1/2)Twenty-three-year-old writer/actor/director Cooper Raiff knows how to capture the attention of rom/com audiences. Andrew’s (Raiff) life is […]


(**) The title spills the beans. In this sci-fi yarn, the filmmakers weren’t happy enough with a natural disaster: the moon hurtling towards earth. They had to add an outrageous AI storyline that makes what could have been a worthy, mildly plausible, catastrophic and action-filled movie a joke.  The idea for this lunar drama is […]

Black Actors Crown the 2022 Sundance Film Festival 

Black actors and actresses stepped into the spotlight at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival. Some shined in lead roles and others stole scenes as supporting actors in amazing dramas, comedies and thrillers. Case in point… 892 (***) Denzel Washington has several heirs apparent, and judging by John Boyega’s very edgy, disturbing performance in this drama […]

Join the Fun at Miami Festivals & Events 2022

By Dwight Brown NNPA Travel Writer There are 1001 reasons to travel to Miami. Put festivals and events at the top of your list, and you also get to play under the sun, moon and stars. Come for a fest, stay for the eclectic dining, exciting tours, fun sports and amazing museums.  So, buy your […]