Good Reasons to Comeback to Jamaican Hotels & Resorts

TV news reports have depicted Jamaican government forces battling a drug gang in the Tivoli Gardens section of Kingston, a city on Jamaica’s southeast coast. That mayhem caused the State Department to issue a Travel Alert for that Kingston, which expires June 23. Tivoli is only one section of a vast city frequented largely by […]

St. Lucia – Come for the Jazz & Arts Festival, Stay for the Island

When the 22nd annual St. Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival came to a rollicking close May 12, over 50 artists had whipped audiences into frenzy and sustained a cool vibe that lasted for 13 days. When they weren’t listening to toe-tapping music on Pigeon Island National Landmark, festivalgoers dined out, went sailing, sightseeing, beach hopping, […]

The 2014 Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival Rocks It

  The annual Seabreeze Jazz Festival is a major stop on the jazz festival circuit. The four-day weekend soiree draws a burgeoning audience of 20,000 music lovers from Florida, Georgia, Alabama—41 states in all and ten countries. They come to Panama City Beach to hear international musicians sing and play their instruments in a style […]

Miami Comfortable Beach Town, Deluxe City Life

It’s a win-win situation: World-renown Miami Beach, a flip flop-wearing tourist’s haven, and Downtown Miami, a vibrant new hot spot for upscale locals. Vacationing in these districts gives visitors the best of both worlds: Big beach fun and deluxe city life. >> Read More

Toronto’s Lights are Brightest Downtown

Toronto, the provincial capital of Ontario, with its population of 2.5 million people from 200 distinct ethnic backgrounds, is the ultimate melting pot. It’s a cultural, culinary, shopping and wellness hub, especially when you visit the city center, which comprises districts with names like Cabbagetown, Entertainment, Harbourfront and Distillery. >> Read More

Stratton Mountain, Vermont: Game On At The Drysdale Tennis School

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced player the summer tennis camps/programs at the Drysdale Tennis School at Stratton Mountain Ski Resort in Vermont can help you hone your game — and there are fringe benefits. >> Read More

The New York Finger Lakes: Mother Nature’s Handprint

Millions of years back, glaciers covered northern New York State. Ten thousand years ago, they receded leaving behind crevices filled with water and forming 11 long and narrow Finger Lakes. Five of the lakes are large, feigning Mother Nature’s handprint. Today this beautiful region — dotted with … >> Read More

Ponte Vedra Beach Florida: A World-Class Golf Vacation

Every May thousands of golf fans head to Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida for The Players, arguably the most noted tournament outside the four majors and certainly the most fan-friendly. The rest of the year, this amicable town located in St. Johns County, … >> Read More

Tobago is Trinidad’s Chilled Out Sister

Trinidad is legendary for its joyous, festive, ’round-the-clock, hard-partying Carnival celebrations, but what goes on in Tobago? This serene haven is where Trinidadians and smart travelers go when they want to decompress on beguiling beaches. >> Read More

Puerto Rico — Touring the Caribbean’s Best Highways

Sometimes Puerto Rico feels like a Caribbean island, other times more like America’s 51st state. Hit the beaches, historic town squares or the tropical rainforest: It’s the Caribbean. Drive around on its elaborate highway systems, and it’s an all-American adventure.>> Read More