Crazy Rich Asians

It’s been 25 years since Wayne Wang directed the winsome romantic drama The Joy Luck Club. That’s the last time a large American studio gave a major theatrical release to a film with an Asian cast. It’s been too long of a wait. But if there’s going to be a breakthrough, the auspicious debut of […]

A Prayer Before Dawn

HBO’s OZ set the bar high for views of prison life. Few convict TV series or movies have approached that rarified level until A Prayer Before Dawn took this twisted trip to a hellish penal institution in Thailand. In Bangkok, young British boxer Billy Moore (Joe Cole) fights both opponents and personal demons. He has better luck with his […]


You just can’t make this stuff up!  A black detective infiltrates the white racist Ku Klux Klan. When? Where? Why? How? If you want to know the details and want to be entertained while you catch up on this bit of Americana history, just set aside 2h 14min and watch this screen adaptation of the […]

Night Comes On

Intimate portraits of young siblings are rarely this raw and authentic. There is something special and magnetic about the relationship between this orphaned 18-year-old black girl and her supportive 10-year-old sister.   Actress turned director Jordana Spiro (best known for Netflix series Ozark) co-wrote the script for Night Comes On with Angelica Nwandu. Their story follows […]

Mission: Impossible — Fallout

Bigger. Better. Badass.   By now you know what to expect from Mission: Impossible movies. Daredevil action scenes. Breakneck speeds. Cunning espionage. Inventive direction. Top production quality. Spot-on performances.   Mission: Impossible — Fallen doesn’t reinvent the wheel.  It just ups the ante, intensifies all the elements and makes everything look bigger—like you’re looking at life through […]


There’s something infectious about their eccentric friendship: Two boyz in the hood of Oakland, California. One black, a tortured sensitive soul and a magnet for suffering.  One white, who tries to act black and attracts trouble from miles away. Their odd relationship, which is based on a deep emotional connection neither can explain, puts them […]


He likes to play the hero (Rampage). He does it all the time (San Andreas). It’s what his fans expect (Hercules). His films made him the second-highest grossing movie star of 2017. So, can Dwayne Johnson continue his mojo with this retro feeling (The Towering Inferno) but modern styling (Deepwater Horizon) disaster movie? The Pearl, […]

Uncle Drew

Young people can’t jump! In your face, Millennials! Step back, hipsters, because black Baby Boomers are taking the court in Uncle Drew.   The genesis of this heart-warming sports comedy was a Pepsi Max commercial that evolved into a YouTube series that has been viewed 100M times. The webisodes starred Boston Celtics point guard Kyrie […]

Sicario: Day of the Soldado

Back in 2015, every element of the first Sicario was perfect. That murderous tale about the drug wars on the USA/Mexico border was impeccably orchestrated, even including the timing of its release.   Emily Blunt played honorable FBI agent Kate Macer who sought to bring down a drug cartel that killed members of her unit. […]

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Lions and tiger and bears, oh my.  Tyrannosaurus, velociraptors and brachiosaurus—run for your lives. The cloned dinosaurs from the theme park Jurassic World are in trouble on the volcanic isle of Isla Nublar, which is erupting, spewing hot lava and emitting a deadly ash cloud. If they aren’t rescued, they will die. That’s the premise […]