Mary Magdalene

The retelling of the last days of Jesus Christ has been a staple in the American film industry dating back to the silent picture era. With great restraint, director Garth Davis (Lion) and producers Iain Canning and Emile Sherman recount this spiritual story with a very modern focus on Mary Magdalene. They give it a feminist […]

Fast Color

Somewhere on this parched earth… It’s been eight years since the last drop of rain. Water is rationed like it is gold. People sponge bath rather than take showers or baths. The problem is particularly acute in the region around Albuquerque, New Mexico. Ruth (Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Belle, Beyond the Lights) is on the run. She seeks […]

Gary Clark Jr. Live at the Beacon Theater

It takes a genius musician to get a guitar to do his talking. Gary Clark Jr. did that Saturday night at the Beacon theater in New York City. Sure, he sang and bantered with the audience, but when he wanted to get a message across, his flaming red guitar did the screaming and yelling. It […]


It’s not ordinary. But certainly not extraordinary. Jordan Peele’s follow-up to the box-office-smash Get Out doesn’t expand the boundaries of the horror genre like its predecessor or A Quiet Place did. It’s almost a retreat into norms that bring to mind humorous horror flicks like Scary Movie, zombie thrillers akin to Dawn of the Dead and over-produced shockers like The […]

Ash Is Purest White

It’s as if someone is sending out a string of vivid postcards that chronicle a romance that’s gone awry over the years (2001-2018). Indelible images of she and he as they age, cynicism grows and they become callous. In just a very few words, you understand the depth of their relationship, one that is loving, […]

Never Grow Old

This is a dirty, muddy western. Simple in nature, but of biblical proportions. Themes of sin, greed, pillaging and run amuck religious fervor abound in a small town. Some residents are holier than thou. Three are evil incarnate. A few are law-abiding. Too many are intimidated. The worst deserve a bullet. Watch this movie for […]


Yardie is a term that is used to refer to people of Jamaican origin. It’s also a slang patois name for  Jamaican gangs and gang members. Want to no more? Come for the movie. Stay for the culture, music and a street-smart education.   Actor Idris Elba turns a lifelong fascination with the book Yardie, by Victor Headley, into his directing debut. […]

Black Mother

Think of this non-fiction film as a meditation and it makes perfect sense. Try and squeeze it into a standard documentary frame and it just doesn’t conform.  At the helm is Khalik Allah, whose most commercial endeavor was his work as a cinematographer and second unit director for Beyonce’s famed Lemonade video (2016). His first documentary Field […]

Captain Marvel

It’s hard to launch an action hero franchise based on a comic book character when you can’t deliver dazzling special effects, innovative super powers, imaginative action scenes, uncanny makeup, vibrant costumes or a consistently affecting storyline. Those essential elements are missing in this feeble origin tale about a superhero who deserves better. Far off in […]

Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral

Madea’s loyal fans have two choices. They can say goodbye to their eccentric Aunty by attending her touring play or wish her adieu at a movie theater. Judging by what’s on screen in this anemic family comedy, the live performance is a better bet. It’s more thoughtful and a hell of a lot funnier. Before […]