The Underground Railroad

For anyone who tunes into The Underground Railroad on Amazon Prime Video, it’s important to understand the genius of what you’re watching. It’s equally important to understand that you may not like what you see—to the point of revulsion.  The award-winning novel by Colson Whitehead has been adapted for the screen by screenwriter Jihan Crowther with an assist by director […]

Miami: Getaway Vacations for Grownups

Don’t let the youngsters have all the fun. Miami is brimming over with restaurants, hotels, tours, historic neighborhoods, spas and hotels that beckon grownups. Grab your sunglasses, swimsuits and sense of adventure and take an adult getaway vacation to America’s favorite beach town.  South Beach Beckons The Washington Avenue Area is two blocks off the water and south of 13th Street. […]


Good courtroom dramas keep audiences hooked into a defendant’s fight for justice. The simpler the fight, the better. Just saying. Screenwriters Janece Shaffer and Colen C. Wiley took their cues from the young adult novel Monster, which was written in 1999 by Walter Dean Myers. He was an author who wrote over 100 children/YA books during […]

Wrath of Man

“If he’s not a cop, what is he?” That’s the question of the day at Fortico Securities, an armored truck company, as the staff of guards wonders aloud about a new employee. Team player? Rogue?  It’s been 27 years since the very sly British director Guy Ritchie and perennial tough-guy actor Jason Statham marked their […]

We Broke Up

Make up or break up. What will they do? This film’s title points in one direction. However, what’s to come will keep audiences guessing. And as they wonder, they’ll experience the complexities of a relationship that is being tested.   It’s often said that film is a director’s medium. But in this case the writing carries […]

Godzilla vs. Kong

It’s a brawl. In this corner weighing several hundred tons with leathery reptile skin, Godzilla. In that corner weighing in at several hundred tons and wearing a fur coat, Kong. Wait for the bell to ring.  Wait for it… These two superstar behemoth monsters are being cast together like WWE stars for WrestleMania. Godzilla represents the […]


From the looks of it, he’s a weak-willed working-class man. A victim of routine and routinely disrespected—by his wife. Everybody thinks he’s wimp. Everyone dumps on him. Is that all there is? That very deceptive setup is the brainchild of Bob Odenkirk, the lead actor in the very twisted series Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. His premise […]


She’s like an eternal flame. Can’t remember when she wasn’t around. Can’t imagine life without her. That’s the magic that some music legends can create. They get people to think about them in the past, present and future. The here, now and always.  Tina Turner’s journey into the world of professional music began in 1957 […]